GHARS – is a Global Not for Profit organization which endeavours to build a trustworthy organization by developing long-term interdependent relationship with every Member, Subscriber or Business & Community Associates, thereby creating distinctive and substantial impact on serving to their Basic, Competitive and Spiritual needs through GHARS platform.

To fulfil or to deliver on their needs, patrons simply practice Vedic philosophies, value sets and do transactions through GHARS technology platform, thereby interacting with GHARS community and also contribute or perform their Society and Environmental duties or responsibilities.

GHARS Values

Our core Vedic Universal belief the Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam – World is One Family


To form global societies to help, support and to unite Hindus and affiliated organizations globally, so they can practice and share: Vedic philosophies, values, knowledge, beliefs and reform their cultural practices as they can be easily adapted by all generations or modern societies across the world and also facilitates to remain connected with their communities for creating global interdependent sustainable societies.

Member Values

We encourage our members to Live, breathe, practice and promote Vedic philosophies & values

  • Sanatana Dharma – One culture & eternal set of duties
  • Karamyogi – Self driven & Selfless – Niswarth Sevabhav
  • Dhairya (Patience) & Vishwas (Trust)
  • Respect (Aadar) & Truth (Satya)
  • Happiness (Anand) Peace (Shanti) & Satisfaction (Tripti)

Support Through Active Participation

Successful strategy requires an integrated set of choices and strong commitment to participate across all levels needs. We aim to channelize and synergize all our positive energies and resources in developing interdependencies and cater to our goals through holistic Vedic values and self-sustainable projects, merging similar projects, prioritising environmental and society over economic sustainability. Also have a lean effective flexible business model, governance structure which will act holistically and act swiftly. Our approach includes creating strategic project plans, aligning them, securing value delivery, build capabilities and generating commitment to make it sustainable.

Synergizing Factor

As a GHARS subscriber, I understand Hindu is a practitioner who follows and represents Vedic philosophies, values, culture and who respects nature and lives life with an aim to coexist sustainably in peace and harmony with nature, while utilizing or consuming resources, products and services from Nature.