Health & Well-being


(An Ayurvedic Integrated Approach to Health – Five Free Sessions Program)


After the recently concluded GHARS community driven Food Drive – Covid 19 project, GHARS is inspired to work on another project which is designed to cater to “Health and Well-being” needs of individuals, families and communities across all age group categories of our society.

As GHARS principles and values work around Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) we are applying and dedicating our ancient knowledge and technique to provide this much needed service to our community.

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Take control of your own health & happiness by applying Ayurvedic principles, complete natural prescription in your daily lives under the guidance of doctors. This course will set you free to craft your own health, in your own homes, on your own terms. Ayurveda is a powerful tool to evoke mind and body health through lifestyle teachings, Yoga for pure mind & Vedanta for elevation of spiritual consciousness.

Anyone, of any age and any constitution, whether healthy or sick, is welcome to sign up. Anyone as young as ten years old and as old as eighty!

Kindly complete the assessment, to receive an email with your Ayurvedic profile and lifestyle recommendations in the areas of Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition & Stress.

All you have to do is sign up for this free program to begin the path of self – healing. Over the course of five to ten days, you would learn the techniques to adapt by making lifestyle changes in ‘Balanced Living’. This online course is a gateway to deeper understanding and knowing yourself more.

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Sign up for 5 free sessions to ‘Balanced Living’ by clicking and submitting registration form at**

Kindly note, the registrations are closed for this event. At the moment, we are having concluding sessions with already registered participants. The Registration link above has been delinked. Kindly wait for upcoming comprehensive Balanced living 2. 

In case of any questions, email id –

At the time of global crisis, and health crisis, let’s take an opportunity to focus on our physical and mental health, well-being and immunity by taking responsibility & adapting some lifestyle changes and day to day routine to be prepared for anything that life brings to us.

Balanced Living an interactive, introductory online program to assist you to have a Balanced Living based on daily regime and seasonal regime leading to a 30 day(optional) paid Ayurvedic immunomodulation program to preserve good health and promote healthy aging by building immunity through pillars of life.

  1. Ayurvedic Nutrition
  2. Managing Stress
  3. Strengthen Immunity with work out/ Yoga
  4. Improving Sleep

Congratulations on beginning your healing journey through the ART OF AYURVEDA LIFESTYLE WISDOM For optimal well-being, increase physical & psychological immunity & promote longevity.

You can choose all or any one or however you need more assistance with. This program provides support in specific areas with more detailed personalised recommendations not just to build immunity but overall health & well- being around your readiness to bring change in your life.

Image result for yoga pictures from indiaPhysical Health

  1. General health
  2. Weight
  3. Energy levels, stamina & body strength
  4. Prakriti & Vikruti analysis (Body type & imbalance)
  5. Tongue analysis

Image result for health and wellbeingMental Health

  1. Sleep patterns
  2. Sleep concerns
  3. Sleep duration

Nutrition Image result for Healthy Diet

  1. Usual appetite
  2. Digestion strong or weak
  3. Bowel movement frequency
  4. Digestion concerns or issues

Image result for Meditation Breathing ArtPsychological and Mind Stress

  1. Any Pre-diagnosis
  2. Level of stress
  3. Level of anger
  4. Response to stress
  5. Emotional or sensitivity level

GHARS Team with Balanced Living project-

Dr Neeraj Thakur Ayurvedic Physician & Diet Consultant

Dr Naveen Kumar Ayurvedic Physician

Narmada Kumar works as a Meditation, Mindset and Wellness coach, Yoga teacher and a spiritual seeker.

Geoff Todd Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor

Rachael Gibson Equine therapy specialist and Kundalini yoga practitioner