Upcoming Events

1. GHARS Sishu Mandir aka Bal Gurukul presents weekly sessions for kids free for all age categories

When – Every Sunday, 7PM AEST , Half an hour , started from 19th July

This project will cover different activities such as below. Each session will be focused on one activity and the session starts with a Shloka chanting and ending with Shloka chanting

  • Learn Hindi (It will be focused on knowing the Hindi language)
  • Excerpts from Hindu historic books Ramayan/Mahabharta ( We will have stories from Hindu’s historic epic Ramayana and Mahabharata which will encourage kids to grow)
  • Stories from history of Bharata (It will let the kids know about our historic heroes like Pratap, Shivaji)
  • Vaidik Maths (It will include our Vaidik methods to do the mathematics things)
  • Child’s personality development (These are the activities to help children grow multidimensional)
  • Bal yoga live and podcast (This activity will concentrate on kids yoga to keep their fitness strong)
  • Mental Fitness

The session types will be decided on the basis of kids interest prior to next session.

Enrollment link – WhatsApp group join link for the parents to get the session information i.e. link

 2. GHARS is organizing an ongoing event – BALANCED LIVING (An Ayurvedic Integrated Approach to Health)

It will provide 5 complimentary sessions for taking care of your “Health and Well-being” needs through the ART OF AYURVEDA LIFESTYLE & WISDOM for achieving optimal health, increased physical & psychological immunity & promote longevity.

Take control of your own health & happiness by applying Ayurvedic principles, complete natural prescription in your daily lives and respond to all your Physical/ Psychological/Nutritional problems with complete Natural solutions and Meditational tools.

Enrol for completely natural Ayurvedic Balanced Living sessions with GHARS in association with VibeAyurveda. Please click on the link below and enrol for the 5 free sessions.


3. 8 weeks of certification course on Bhagavad Gita for all Australia/NZ patrons.

Please click following link for registration page.


On popular demand, GHARS in association with Vedic Cultural Centre – Dr Prashant Jani have organised for 8 weeks of certification course on Bhagavad Gita for all Australia/NZ patrons.

A recurring workshop started from August 1st ,12.30 pm AEST every Saturday Australia time. Please register one and all in big numbers with your family and friends.

Also for more information visit us at our website and contact us at team@ghars.org

4. GHARS daily morning Yoga sessions (6.30 to 7.30AM AEST)

More information in the flyer. Kindly join and make it your habit towards healthy life.
Meeting ID: 892 8643 2274

5. GHARS business directory

GHARS Business Directory to list down all Vaidik businesses in the world.

WhatsApp group join link – https://chat.whatsapp.com/JsjE62pZlbP3rLhmif77M8